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Steven C. Hayes has been providing Architectural Services to a wide variety of clients throughout New England for more than 35 years.

This work has involved projects ranging from new construction, additions to existing structures, renovation work, reconstructions, interior design, and space planning on a variety of building types. These include single family residences, multi unit housing: luxury, family and elderly, community centers, medical facilities, veterinary facilities, dormitories, schools, churches, offices, industrial buildings, restaurants and commercial buildings as well as land use and master planning. Architectural, Development and Construction consultant services have also been provided to Real Estate Development firms, Financial Institutions and Construction Companies.

The Architectural Design process begins with an initial complementary meeting to review prospective clients needs and goals. The establishment of a program or a scope of work, as well as construction budgets and fees are discussed to determine the appropriate context for the project.

Sound theoretical Architectural design is essential to the success of any building project. Clients’ perceptions, personal preference and budget often determine form and styles and degree of detailing. Location, urban or rural, seacoast or mountains, as well as views and orientation and neighborhood context all have significant impact on the design. The Professional Objective is to fulfill client needs, goals and dreams by developing unique, efficient and appropriate designs within a budget, while maximizing the potential of the site as well as any other relevant available resources.

Most preliminary designs and all construction drawings are developed on computers using the latest efficient CAD technology. Plans and specifications can be prepared for any construction arrangement; cost plus a fee; negotiated lump sum or bid sum are the most frequently utilized contract forms.

Work on Cape Cod frequently involves Historic and Environmental permitting considerations that may impact the time required and cost to complete a project. Extensive experience in these areas and work with appropriate consultants and permit granting authorities enables early identification of these issues and the efficient processing of any necessary permits.

A well-designed and constructed project has substantial added financial value which exceeds any fees incurred, while providing owners enhanced opportunity for experience and utility.






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